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Available Positions

Spatial Agronomist

Spatial Agronomist is generally defined as an agronomist that understand the environment and decisions that these agronomic professionals have to make within their business operationswith extensive skills and capabilities within the GIS Technology space.

  • Objective for this position is to be the consultant of agronomists, who aids the customer in the adoption of technology driven decision-making tools, reports, and methods.
  • System Integration, Data Interpretation, No Agronomic Recommendation. (Agronomist in this position can apply their knowledge to the technology in order to drive technology recommendations to the Agronomist they are advising.)
  • Example of items Person in Position will need to Effectively Communicate with Agronomist
  • How to use imagery for advancing the Agronomist in field scouting practices. How these technologies begin to advance the agronomist operations.

Equip these agronomists with the tools to best explain these technologies with the farmers they represent.

(Example – taken from Vantage Handbook)

Agriculture Sales Manager

A Vantage Agriculture Partner’s Sales Manager should have a minimum of 5 years’ experience in the sale of agriculture equipment and/or technology and excellent communication and management skills. This individual will actively manage the sales force to achieve their sales targets, seek new markets and expand sales within the Trade Area. The Sales Manager is responsible for managing the Partner’s sales and support teams to work toward achieving 100% customer satisfaction.

(Example – taken from Vantage Handbook)